Monthly Diet Review
Annual Review 2021

Annual Review 2021

The Orgasmic Diet in 2021 hasn’t changed much from the previous year 2020.
Aside from the arrival of the camp boom, the biggest change was the removal of the constraint “Keep on the level of ordinary diet’s food costs” which we imposed until 2020. We decided to eat plenty of expensive tropical fruits such as durian, atemoya and mango. As a result, food costs have increased, though not so much if we look at the whole year figure. There was no significant effect on macronutrient ratio too, only a slight decrease in fat ratio.
For this reason, we have decided to end the calculation of caloric balance and disclosing it on this blog at the end of 2021. In the future, if there is a big change in our Orgasmic Diet, we will resume it.
The following is a summary of the 2021 Orgasmic Diet.

What We Ate

Food Ranking By Calorie

As in 2020, top four foods; cheese, beef, bananas and mangoes account for half of all calories.

Seasonal Food Change

Herbivore meats and milk products are sources of fat and protein throughout the year. The base of carbohydrates is cane sugar and bananas, and complemented by self-supplied loquat (June), sweet potato (winter), and market purchased seasonal various fruits.

Summary by Food Category

Seeds ratio were controlled down at 0.6%.

The raw food ratio rose to 36% from 28% in 2020 partially due to increase in fruits consumption. The self-sufficiency rate of vegetable gardens was high in June for the loquat harvest and winter for sweet potato but remained 4% throughout the year.

Nutritional Checkup

Let’s see if we could achieve nutritional goals with the Orgasmic Diet.

Three Major Nutrients

The annual macronutrient ratio was 50% for carbohydrates, 36% for fat, 13% for protein, and 1% for alcohol. Fat ratio decreased by 5%pt compensated by the increase in carb ratio.


Bananas accounted for 22% of carbohydrates intake although decreased from the previous year after increase in consumption of mango and durian.

Intake of dietary fiber was 21.4g/day against dietary goal of more than 21g.

The main sources of fiber were mangoes and bananas, followed by various other fruits.


Our main sources of fat were dairy products such as cheese and beef. Vegetable oils (made of grass seed) were completely shut out, except for a small amount taken during trips.

Since we have no major foods which contain large amount of PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids), our intake of essential fatty acids were only 1/3 of AI (Adequate Intake). However, we are having no particular deficiency symptoms, the omega-3 and omega-6 ratio being optimal at 1:3.3. We can achieve the optimal ratio from whole foods only, without depending on fish oil supplements or some specific seed oils.

Essential fatty acids were taken from these foods.


Our main source of protein were beef, other meats and dairy products besides bananas provided considerable amounts of protein too.

Protein intake was 67.4g/day against recommended amount of 65g. Essential amino acids were obtained in a balanced manner and almost twice to three times as much as recommended by WHO.


Fat-soluble Vitamins

Water-soluble Vitamins




Caloric Balance and Weight

Caloric Balance (kcal/day) and Macronutrient Ratio

My activity level of 2021 was 32% of basic metabolic rate while my goal was hunter-gatherers’ that of 70%, resulting in 168 kcal/day of excess intake.

Weight Trend

My weight was stably just over the optimal range of BMI 23 to 25.

Food Cost

Our food cost for 2021, 352 days excluding days we could not record our foods, was 1,273 yen per person per day while average Japanese two people household food cost was 1,109 yen PPPD in 2020. Food costs have risen since April because we stopped worrying about food costs to eat expensive tropical fruits such as durian, atemoya and mangoes. It is possible to control food costs by refraining from such expensive fruits and increasing bananas and cane sugar.

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