The Orgasmic Diet in a Nutshell

Basic Rule : Eat What Taste Good WHOLE and RAW.

In The Orgasmic Diet, we believe in the sense of “delicious” and “feel good” in the human body as an absolute god.
Eating delicious foods can make you sick because humans deceive their tastes by processing foods such as cooking and refining. When you eat whole and raw, you can trust the sense of your body: it can properly judge the nutrition of food. As long as you eat what taste good whole and raw, you will be healthy even if you eat only delicious ones. Rather you have to eat “only” delicious foods to be healthy.
However, it doesn’t mean to be a perfect raw foodist. It may be ideal to eat fully raw, but we think it is acceptable to cook them if it is edible and delicious in raw state.

What We Eat and We Don’t Eat

Consequently from the above rule,

– We regularly eat
fruits, honey and cane sugar as sources of carbohydrates,
grass-fed meats, cheese and other dairy produts as sources of fat and protein.

– We basically don’t eat
weed seeds (rice, bread, pasta, noodle, oils, soy bean, etc), potato, fish, pork and chicken.

In this blog, we are reporting all of what we eat and how we eat every day. You can see exactly how much, how many percentage in terms of calorie or how often we eat each food.

Features of The Orgasmic Diet

No Limit on Sugar, Fat, Salt

In The Orgasmic Diet, you can eat only delicious foods as much as you want. Sweets and fatty foods are recommended, never restricted. We also take a lot of salt by drinking DEWS (salted water). You will be fully content. That is why you don’t overeat in The Orgasmic Diet.

Not Eexpensive

You might think that beef and fruits as staple foods would cost you a lot, but that is not the case. The Orgasmic Diet is open for anyone who have the will to join regardless of whether they are rich or poor. We are reporting our food cost in this blog everyday, every month and year.

Further Information

For more details, I am now writing a book on The Orgasmic Diet. Please subscribe our email news. We will let you know when the book is published.


If everyone makes oneself happy, everyone becomes happy.
With the miracle of the Orgasmic Diet, you'd be fit and healthy
if you eat ONLY what you like AS MUCH AS you like.
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