The Flesh x Fresh Diet in a Nutshell

Basic Rules

The prime rule: Eat what taste good whole and raw.
The second rule: Not 100%.
The third rule: Not too expensive.

Let me explain those rules briefly.

The prime rule: Eat what taste good whole and raw.

This is the most fundamental and important rule of the three. It consists of three factors: “taste good,” “whole” and “raw.” Only the foods which satisfy all those three factors would be accepted as our regular foods.
For example, we don’t eat something that tastes good if it does only when it is cooked, or added with salt or any seasonings. We also don’t eat what doesn’t taste good even if it is “edible” raw and whole.

The second rule: Not 100%.

This rule is based on the belief that we should be free from the bondage of words. We are spirits. We should never be under control of our brain which speaks language.
For example, we can profess ourselves “raw foodists” but we also enjoy cooked foods. We are just taking about 3/4 of our calories from raw foods. We are “whole-foodist” and never eat refined sugar. But in some very rare occasion we might have something which contains it.
Our digestive system from mouth to anus and other body parts have profound wordless knowledge which have been obtained through the hundreds of millions of years of evolution to human beings. Compared with them, our brains are just late comers even though it is certainly a highly evolved organ. In the Flesh x Fresh Diet, we trust our bodies. We rely on and consult our brains too but don’t give full control of us.

The third rule: Not too expensive.

We believe that to be healthy is not at all unusual. Being usual shouldn’t cost much to us. Hence the ideal diet shouldn’t be too expensive. Financially average people should be able to afford it.
The Flesh x Fresh Diet is exactly that one. It is open for anyone who are willing to join regardless of whether they are rich or poor. I’m reporting our food cost in this blog. See the category “Monthly Diet Review.”
Based on this third rule, expensive nutritional supplements are completely excluded from our diet. Most of them don’t taste good, so they don’t fill the first rule right from the start.

What We Eat and We Don’t Eat

Consequently from the rules above,

– We regularly eat
Fruits, cane sugar, grass-fed meats, cheese, yogurt, green tender leaves, some sweet root vegetables and rock salt.

– We basically don’t eat
rice, bread, pasta, noodle, potato, fish, pork and chicken.

In this blog, we are reporting all of what we eat and how we eat every day. You can see exactly how much, how many percentage in terms of calorie or how often we eat each food.

5W1H of Diet

When we discuss diet, we tend to focus on WHAT we eat (which I described just above) but other factors of 5W1H are also or even more important than WHAT.
WHO is eating? Who is requesting the foods you want to eat? Your brain, small intestine, colonic bacteria or something else?
WHERE do you eat? Do you eat fresh vegetables just harvested from your garden? In winter, do you eat in a tropically warm place with wood stove or in a chilly room?
WHEN do you eat? Would you eat in daylight or under fluor lamp? We limit our meal time within 9 consecutive hours.
HOW do you eat? Cooked or raw? Salted, flavored or plain? Mono-meal or multi-food mixed?
WHY do we eat? To live, of course. To enjoy, sure. But there are more than that. Foods are our fuel. We eat to move!

Further Information

For more details, I am now writing a book on the Flesh x Fresh Diet. Please subscribe our email news. We will let you know when the book is published.


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