Rarely Asked Questions

We occasionally receive questions from our very limited number of readers. We can’t exaggerate it as “Frequently” Asked Questions therefore titled “Rarely” Asked Questions (RAQ).

Q. The Orgasmic Diet looks much alike with the paleo diet. Can you explain the difference?

We agree that those two are similar and we also think the paleo diet is the best one among many known diets. However, there are many differences: 

  • We also eat meats a lot but we eat herbivorous animals’ meat as raw as possible. We are inspired by traditional Inuit diet regarding this point.
  • Fruits are our main foods. We eat fruits as much as we eat meats.
  • Basically we don’t eat fish because we believe that true foods tastes good by itself without salt and seasonings. We eat seafood only occasionally mainly for social reasons. 
  • Though we basically don’t eat grains and legumes in the same way as the peleo diet, we are cautious of not taking too much potatoes, nuts and seeds (starchy foods in a word) while paleo dieter eat them in relatively large amount.
  • We never drink milk just like paleo dieters, but we regularly eat cheese and yogurt. We draw upon traditional Mongolian nomads’ diet regarding this point. 
  • We don’t use sugar and salt as additives just as paleo dieters don’t, but we are having a plenty of rock salt (see DEWS) and whole cane sugar (see Cocto-X) everyday.

Those are superficial differences. There is an essential difference in deep down at the base. The paleo diet seeks its base in the SUPPOSED lifestyle of the Paleolithic era, which can be varied a lot in accordance with the future development of archaeology.  The Orgasmic Diet rests on the REAL human body sensation, “feel good” or “taste good,” which precisely carries information of millions years of evolution on the earth, unless it is not disrupted by refining, cooking and other food related modern high-technology, to tell us what to eat and how to eat.

Q. How do you think about low-carb diets? Isn’t sugar bad for your health?

We agree with low-carb diet advocates in terms of restricting starchy foods: grains, legumes, seeds, some nuts, potatoes and pumpkins. We don’t feel starch sweet unless we make effort to chew it a lot. Starchy foods impose a burden on our body to decompose its complex structure into simple sugars.
We also agree with them, or opinion of most health experts in general, that refined sugar is bad for your health because it lacks minerals and other micronutrients. We never eat refined sugar though we are eating a lot of whole cane sugar in Cocto-X.
But the problem with them is that they deny all kinds of carbohydrates, including fresh fruits: simple sugars with a variety of phytonutrients which don’t impose any burden on our digestive system. And more than anything, fruits taste good! How can they explain why we human beings feel joy from the sweet sensation derives from fruits?

Q. I have been vegan for years for ethical reasons. Don’t you think it’s cruel and inhuman to kill animals and eat their meats?

Yes we do. We still think it’s cruel. We still feel pity, or rather, fear for killing animals. That is one of the main reasons we went vegan once. However, after being vegan, or even raw vegan, for years, we made two great discoveries, which were closely related to each other.
The first discovery was the fact that our bodies wanted raw meats. We (our bodies), who hadn’t been fed animal-source foods for years, felt raw beef so exciting, good and tasty that we didn’t need any salt or pepper, rather we felt those additives hindered our degustation.
Now we faced conflicting facts. It is true that we feel sorry for killing animals. But it is also true that we feel very good by eating them. That conflict brought us another discovery: we are not our bodies.
We are something else that are residing inside of our bodies and somewhat responsible to it and in charge of it. We still feel bad about killing animals but our bodies get excited for hunting them and enjoy eating their meats in great delight. It’s just like if you have a cat and love it, you’d feed it meats and fish rather than grains and vegetables. Our bodies also like meats. Or our bodies are vehicles we are riding on. Would you feed your automoblie rice balls rather than gasoline? I’m afraid not.
So, please don’t be cruel to your body. Feed it what it wants.


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