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Distilled and Electron-charged Water added with Salt at ORS ratio.
The Orgasmic Diet attaches a high value to rehydration. To keep clean and ample stream in our body, we must rehydrate ourselves by drinking a lot of DEWS everyday in parallel with taking in water by eating raw foods (fresh fruits and raw meats). In September 2016, I arrived at the idea of DEWS after integrating the recommendation of distilled water by Brown Landone and the idea of taking lots of water and salt at the same time by F. Batmanghelidj. Further integrated with ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) theory, “Cocto-X DEWS” combination was developed in December 2016.
Bacteria added DEWS is called “DEWS with B.” We usually add EHIME-AI (the combination of lactic acid bactera, natto bacteria and yeast) and photosynthesis bacteria. We imitate natural spring water by adding rock salt and bacteria. I got inspired with this idea in the days “Blouson Chiemi with B” became a smash hit.
Further with a Ho’oponopono healing method, if you expose DEWS with B to sun light in a blue bottle more than 30 minutes, you’ll get “Blue Solar DEWS with B.”

Tools, Materials and Reference Books


Electron Charger
Rock Salt (Recoenzyme Biosalt)

How To Make EHIME-AI (Buy at Amazon)

You can make EHIME-AI steadily and easily with Tanika’s Yogurtia.

Yeast for EHIME-AI

You can buy yogurt and natto at nearby grocery stores. If you dwell on difference in terms of dental issues, L8020 Yogurt would be better.

Photosynthesis Bacteria

Blue Bottles for Blue Solar Water

F. Batmanghelidj, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water


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