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The Use of Rice

The Use of Rice

Daily Calorie Log
Sat. Feb 24, 2018

Today I set up a compost seedbed which is going to be kept warm for a month by the heat from fermentation of rice hull, bran and fruit and vegetable debris. I seldom eat rice but its hull and bran are very useful materials for growing fruits and vegetables.
I could finish the week with caloric balance in red, by the way.

Intake of Three Basic Components of ORS

See ORS Ratio.

Caloric Balance and Macronutrient Ratio

Foods Taken (Charged Calories) 2,526 kcal

Blue Solar DEWS with B, 8 glasses(300ml/glass)

Cocto-X, 332 kcal

  • Chocolate Taste 3 pcs
  • Mango Taste 3 pcs
  • Ganache 17g
  • Neo Sandwich 27g
Banana with Oil 711 kcal
  • Banana (Philippines), Fresh, 697g
  • Olive Oil (Palestine), 10.2g
Orange, Fresh, 677g 307 kcal

The Flesh and Fresh Dinner 1,176 kcal

I ate about 50–70% of the following amounts for two of us.

  • Aussie Kangaroo Leg, Prepared with Burn-and-Slice Method (almost raw), 1,365g
  • Apple, Fresh, 359g
  • *Kumquat, Fresh, 111g
  • *Celery, Fresh, 104g
  • *Wakegi Onion, Fresh, 101g
  • *Lettuce, Fresh, 25g
  • *Arugula, Fresh, 16g
  • *Mustard Greens, Fresh, 14g
  • *Parsley, Fresh, 9g
  • *Mitsuba, Fresh, 4g
  • *Coriander Leaf, Fresh, 7g
  • *Spinach, Fresh, 5g
  • *Mint, Fresh, 2g

Foods marked * are from our garden.

Summary by Food Category

Exercise (Burned Calories) 2,522 kcal

  • Splitting Logs 90 min.
  • Composting and Installing Plastic Tunnel Culture for Lettuce 120 min.

Weight Change

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