Monthly Diet Review
Diet Review for September 2019

Diet Review for September 2019

We adhered to the Orgasmic Diet and life even in the adversity of typhoon attack.

Foods for the month

Food Ranking

By Calorie

Summary by Food Category

As shown in the bar chart below, we are eating fruits, sugar, cheese and beef instead of “seeds” whatever they are called grains, cereals, beans, nuts, breads, noodles or plant oils which are main caloric resources for common people.

Nutritional Checkup

Caloric Balance and Weight

Caloric Balance (kcal/day) and Macronutrient Ratio

Weight Trend

Food Cost

Our food cost for the month excluding 9 days while we were away from our Jitaku resort was 40,476 yen (964 yen per person per day).

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