A variety of sweets made of Okinawa black (whole cane) sugar.
In the DAMP country Japan, fresh fruits are not thought to be normal daily foods but “a special seasonal gift” and therefore priced outrageously expensive. If you naively become a raw foodist and keep on eating fruits as your main food in the DAMP (I dare to repeat this word) country Japan, you’ll go bankrupt unless you are very rich. I am not so rich and I had to think about alternative foods to fruits.

Then I invented Cocto-X following the invention of cozy rice, and now Cocto-X has secured the status of one of the main foods in The Orgasmic Diet. Though it is not a raw food at all, it is surely a whole food and if you take it with proper amount of DEWS, you can keep good ORS ratio and make Cocto-X a good quasi-raw food.
The basic one has chocolate taste with cacao. There are many other tastes too.

2018 New Year Assortment

It should be mentioned that it was named after the popular TV drama “Doctor-X.” When I conceived the idea and Yoko materialized Cocto-X, we are enjoying watching its fourth season.


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