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How Many Trees?

How Many Trees?

Daily Calorie Log
Tue. Feb 6, 2018


I wondered how many trees should I count in this case.

Tillers (new branches) come out endlessly. I don’t know if I should call it a branch or a trunks. If it grew from one seed, can I call it “a” tree even if it divided into many trunks? We know that we can multiply trees by various techniques like cuttage or graftage. The common commercial variety of bananas are all clones. If we count a tree from one seed as one tree, millions of banana in the world would be counted as only one.
Yes it is true. Numbers are illusion human brain generates. I think this is not limited to the plant world. We are one life.

Intake of Three Basic Components of ORS

See ORS Ratio.

Caloric Balance and Macronutrient Ratio

Weekly Cumulative Balance +152 kcal

Foods Taken (Charged Calories) 2,483 kcal

Blue Solar DEWS with B, 7 glasses(300ml/glass) and a bottle (1 liter)

Cocto-X, 20 pieces 465 kcal

  • Chocolate Taste 10 pcs
  • Peach Taste 10 pcs
Banana(Philippines), Fresh, 1,780g 1,584 kcal
Persimmon, Dried, 88g 241 kcal

B-gurt before bedtime 192 kcal
  • Yogurt, Plain, Whole Milk, Home-made 300g
  • Brewer’s Yeast 3g

Summary by Food Category

Exercise (Burned Calories) 2,995 kcal

  • Digging and Burying Charcoal
  • and Felling Small Trees, 5 hours

Weight Change

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