Inspired to write
Movie of Love and Peace

Movie of Love and Peace

Imagine watching a movie which portrays solely love and peace.

On a tropical beach,
the sun shines through coconut leaves in the breeze.
Sound of wave,
birds twitter,
so peaceful.

The scene lasts forever, endlessly,
because peace and love are eternal.
Some say paradise, after we die and cast off our bodies, is like that.

That’s relaxing to be sure. 
But how long can you endure it?
You would be happy if you can fall asleep.
What would you do if you have already slept too much and can’t sleep anymore?

That’s where war and hate come in.
We need war and hate as much as we need peace and love,
We need blood as well as bliss,
We need meat as well as sweet fruits,
or should I say fortunately.

After all,
we have to get rid of boredom.
That is why we have no movie or TV drama which portrays only love and peace,
and we’ve got born into this troublesome world.

Please enjoy your meal.

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