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Quiet First Three Days of New Year

Quiet First Three Days of New Year

Daily Calorie Log Wed. Jan 3, 2018


The third day of year 2018 was very quiet, as quiet as the second and the first day. I heard no sound but bird calls and murmuring of leaves. How peaceful it is without human voice and human made noises.
I was tempted to use chain-saw to split logs but I decided not to produce noise myself and made it manually with an ax.

Intake of Three Basic Components of ORS

ORS Ratio: ORS(Oral Rehydration Solution) composition ratio. 3.5g salt(sodium chloride equivalent) and 40g sugar(glucose equivalent) for 1 liter of water.

Calorie Balance and Macronutrient Ratio

Foods Taken(Charged Calories) 2,019 kcal

Blue Solar DEWS with B, 8 glasses(300ml/glass)

Cocto-X New Year’s Assortment, 12 pieces 294 kcal

  • Chocolate Taste 2 pcs
  • Raspberry Taste 2 pcs
  • Walnut and Cranberry Taste 3 pcs
  • Pumpkin Taste 2 pcs
  • Coffee Taste 2 pcs
  • Kinanko Taste 1 pcs
Banana(Philippines), Fresh, 340g 303 kcal
Hime-Madonna and Mikan Citrus(Hiroshima), Fresh, 539g 244 kcal

The Flesh and Fresh Dinner 1,178 kcal

Amounts are for two of us. I ate about 50-70% of the following.

  • Horse Meat (Poland), Raw, 1kg
  • Apple (Hiroshima), Fresh, 336g
  • *Miura Daikon, Oriental Radish, Fresh, 451g
  • *Carrot, Fresh, 87g
  • *Celery, Fresh, 69g
  • *Wakegi Onion, Fresh, 69g
  • Red Bell Pepper, Fresh, 40g
  • *Radish, Fresh, 40g
  • *Lettuce, Green Leaf, Fresh, 20g
  • *Arugula, Fresh, 15g
  • *Mustard Greens, Fresh, 10g
  • *Dill Weed, Fresh, 10g
  • *Spinach, Fresh, 6g
  • *Coriander Leaf, Fresh, 5g
  • *Endive, Fresh, 3g
  • *Yuzu Skin, Fresh, 3g

Foods marked * are from our garden.

Exercise (Burned Calories) 2,176 kcal

  • Chopping Woods and Splitting Logs 90 min.

Weight Change

Summary by Food Category

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