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The “Light” Timing of Dinner

The “Light” Timing of Dinner

Daily Calorie Log Thu. Jan 4, 2018


I made a new rule today, to be effective immediately from today. It is about time zone for meals. Except for DEWS (no calorie) and B-gurt before we go to bed, we won’t take any foods before 9:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. from now on.

There are several reasons behind this determination. First of all, it would prevent overeating. But I don’t expect  a lot on this point because, with high probability,  I will end up eating more during meal time. However, it might be important to feel hunger enough by limiting eating time  to  enjoy eating once we get to the time for meals. 

Secondly, by restricting eating time only within 9 hours out of 24 hours, it would give enough time for digestive organs to take a rest. I can expect they function well.

Third, I want to write this daily log in the same day but I don’ t want to sit up late. If I can fix what I eat on the day at early stage, I can calculate calories of them early and go to bed early.  😀 

But the fourth reason is the most important one. Raw foods need daylight. To enjoy the color of fresh meats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, we absolutely need sun light. Cooked meals look nice with candle light, maybe even better with candle than daylight. But raw foods, never. 

So, it is quite natural for us, the Flesh and Fresh Dieter, to limit meals within daytime. English word “dinner” originally meant to be the most significant meal of the day, which was often taken around noon. I want to use the word “dinner” in its original meanings.

Intake of Three Basic Components of ORS

ORS Ratio: ORS(Oral Rehydration Solution) composition ratio. 3.5g salt(sodium chloride equivalent) and 40g sugar(glucose equivalent) for 1 liter of water.

Calorie Balance and Macronutrient Ratio

Foods Taken(Charged Calories) 1,393 kcal

Blue Solar DEWS with B, 9 glasses(300ml/glass)

Cocto-X, 12 pieces 293 kcal

  • Chocolate Taste 4 pcs
  • Walnut and Cranberry Taste 3 pcs
  • Pumpkin Taste 1 pcs
  • Coffee Taste 2 pcs
  • Maccha Taste 1 pcs
  • Kinanko Taste 1 pcs
Banana(Philippines), Fresh, 347g 309 kcal
Mikan Citrus(Hiroshima), Fresh, 919g 417 kcal

Strawberry Mousse 182 kcal

B-gurt before bedtime 192 kcal
  • Yogurt, Plain, Whole Milk, Home-made 300g
  • Brewer’s Yeast 3g

Exercise (Burned Calories) 2,319 kcal

    • Watering Vegetables 120 min.
    • Plowing in Carbonized Branches and Bamboos 120 min.

Weight Change

Summary by Food Category

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