Our Orgasmic Days
21st Day, 9th Moon, R3

21st Day, 9th Moon, R3

Daily Calorie Log
Oct 26, 2021

Ratio of Salt and Sugar Intake To Water

Caloric Balance (kcal/day)

Foods Taken (Charged Calories) 2,796 kcal

Morning Shot, Lemonade 138 kcal

Cocto-X-DEWS, 3 kcal

Dinner 2,452 kcal

  • *Persimmon, Fresh, 376g
  • Banana (Guatemala), Fresh, 110g
  • Grapefruits (South Africa), Fresh, 244g
  • Beef Stew (I had 857g of the following amounts.)
    • Beef, Grassfed, Navel End (Australia), 1067g
    • Beef, Tendon (Australia), 1000g
    • Onion (Hokkaido), 640g
    • Celery (USA), 444g
    • Red Wine, 400g
    • Mushroom (Canada), 225g
    • Cane Sugar, 100g
    • Tomato Powder, 50g
    • Pink Salt (Pakistan), 15g
    • Italian Seasoning, 1g
    • White Pepper, 0.6g
    • *Herb Mix, 0.2g
Snack, 203 kcal

  • Coffee Jelly, 1 cup
  • Coffee (Brazil), Home Roast, 430ml

Foods marked * are from our garden.

Summary by Food Category

Today’s Food Cost

2,676 yen (1,338 yen per person).

Activities, 316 kcal Burned

  • Sitting, writing, desk work, typing, 1.3METs x 120min., 42kcal
  • General Activities, 840min., 274kcal

Weight Change

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