Weekly Diet Review
St. Andrew’s Cross

St. Andrew’s Cross

We went to Kiyosato and had a short stay at 1400 meters height to quest for the most comfortable environment for human beings.

St. Andrew’s Cross of Seisenryo greeted us.

We stayed in a cottage room with fireplace.

Impressing clear view of Yatsugatake mountains.

Monday, Feb 24, 2019

Snack in the car
  • Steppen Cheese
  • Highway Coffee

We travelled in the middle of night to avoid traffic jams.

We arrived too early and watched a TV drama to kill time.

Chilly morning at Nobeyama Station, the highest railway station in Japan.

  • Tiramisu BCC

We visited Nobeyama Radio Observatory of NAOJ after eating BCC.


We tried a game meat restaurant for lunch.

Freshly hunted bears were wildly displayed around the hut.

I wanted to try raw bear meat but they offered only cooked ones.

  • Rare Venison Steak
  • Bear Meat with Rice


You shouldn’t miss ROCK‘s curry when you visit Kiyosato.

  • Beef Curry Rice
  • Beer, Chocolat Schwartz

Monday, Feb 25

  • Kiwi Fruits
  • Navel Orange
  • Tiramisu BCC

KEEP stands for Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project.

We learned about Paul Rusch who developed Kiyosato as prototype of democratic rural community of Japan.


Sambuichi spring is just one of the many springs in Yatsugatake area.

Good water, good soba noodle.

  • 100% Buckwheat Soba


A beautiful back view of Mt.Fuji from Seisenryo.

When you visit Kiyosato, you shouldn’t miss this one too.

  • Ice Cream

  • BCC
  • Coffee

Tuesday, Feb 26

We got up very early in the chilly morning to see cows.

They roamed afar off at first but came close to us when Yoko called them.

  • Organic Jersey Milk
  • Organic Jersey Yogurt

  • Banana
  • Steppen Cheese

We stopped at an cheese cake cafe.

We enjoyed bird watching from the cafe seat.

  • Cheese Cake
  • Coffee


Another curry restaurant.

  • Peach Curry Rice
  • Grape Curry Rice

We ended up exploring various curry rices rather than high altitude environment.

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