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Bleu Des Causses

Bleu Des Causses

Daily Calorie Log
Jan 14, 2019

Ratio of Salt and Sugar Intake To Water

Caloric Balance (kcal/day)

Foods Taken (Charged Calories) 2,284 kcal

Cocto-X-DEWS, 646 kcal
  • Sparkling DEWS, 8.5 glasses * 300ml
  • Beer DEWS, 250 ml
  • Cocto-X Almond & Cranberry Choco, 13 pcs
Breakfast 1,436 kcal

  • Banana (Philippines), Fresh, 832g
  • Cream Cheese (New Zealand), 104g
  • Apple (Yamagata), Fresh, 327g
  • Bleu des Causses, Blue Cheese (France), half of 109g
Amazake, 250ml, 203 kcal

Summary by Food Category

Today’s Food Cost

2,677 yen for two of us (1,338 yen per person).

Activities, 1,078 kcal Burned

  • Digging, filling garden, 5METs x 30min., 135kcal
  • Pulling up roots of skimmia, 7.8METs x 90min., 689kcal
  • General Activities, 840min., 254kcal

Weight Change

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