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The Most Dangerous Food

The Most Dangerous Food

Daily Calorie Log
Thu. Mar 8, 2018

With the left-over curry, I had rice, the national staple of this damp country called Japan, today. I enjoyed the curry rice and was happy till I finish the excursion dinner. But shortly after the meal, I got very drowsy, feeling stomach fullness and whole body heavy. Now I realized I ate too much. See the calorie figure. I remembered the long-forgotten bad feeling when I eat grain too much. My blood sugar level must be very high now. It will be kept high till tomorrow morning. I think rice is the most dangerous food, more dangerous than any chemical food additives, at least for me.

Intake of Three Basic Components of ORS

See ORS Ratio.

Caloric Balance and Macronutrient Ratio

Foods Taken (Charged Calories) 3,740 kcal

Blue Solar DEWS with B, 9 glasses(300ml/glass)
Cocto-X Neo Chocolate Taste, 16 pcs 364 kcal

Banana with Oil 862 kcal
  • Banana (Philippines), Fresh, 905g
  • Almond Butter (California), 13.6g
Orange, Fresh, 679g 308 kcal

Ginkyo Nut, Boiled, half of 31g 28 kcal

*Fukinoto, Japanese Butterbur Sprout, Roasted, half of 7g 1.5 kcal

The Excursion Dinner 2,177 kcal

  • Roo Curry (Left-over from yesterday. I ate about 1/3 of the whole recipe.)
  • Rice (I ate about 3/4 of the whole recipe.)
    • White Rice, 540g
    • Chia Seed, 10g
    • Gelatin, 5g
    • Tap Water, 630g
  • *Iceberg Lettuce, Raw, half of 221g

Foods marked * are from our garden.

Summary by Food Category

Activities 378 kcal Burned (including general activities)

  • Watering Lettuce and Seedlings, 2.5 METs x 60 min.

  • New seedlings arrived!

  • Thrashing Perilla Seeds, 2.0 METs x 30 min.

Weight Change

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